Both (2) Brand New Front Stabilizer Sway Bar End Link – Driver and Passenger Side

Part #K90119 x2


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 11 x 3 in

Additional Details

Detroit Axle Stabilizer End Links are ready to meet the rigorous demands of today's foreign and domestic passenger cars, trucks and SUVs
Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality
Manufactured in ISO9002 Certified facility


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionApp Notes
1998ChevroletTrackerBaseFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1998ChevroletTrackerLSiFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1989 - 1997GeoTrackerBaseFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1989 - 1997GeoTrackerLSiFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1989SuzukiSidekickJAFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1989 - 1995SuzukiSidekickJLXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1989 - 1998SuzukiSidekickJXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1990 - 1998SuzukiSidekickJSFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1991SuzukiSidekickJLFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1996 - 1998SuzukiSidekickJLX SportFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1996 - 1998SuzukiSidekickJX SportFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1996 - 1998SuzukiX-90BaseFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1997 - 1998SuzukiSidekickJS SportFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1998SuzukiX-90SEFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1999SuzukiGrand VitaraJSFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1999SuzukiGrand VitaraJS PlusFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1999 - 2002SuzukiGrand VitaraJLXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
1999 - 2001SuzukiGrand VitaraJLX PlusFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2000 - 2002SuzukiGrand VitaraJLSFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2000 - 2001SuzukiGrand VitaraJLS PlusFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2000 - 2002SuzukiGrand VitaraLimitedFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2001SuzukiGrand VitaraJLS Plus SEFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2001SuzukiGrand VitaraJLX Plus SEFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2001SuzukiGrand VitaraXL-7FrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2001SuzukiGrand VitaraXL-7 LimitedFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2001SuzukiGrand VitaraXL-7 PlusFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2001SuzukiGrand VitaraXL-7 TouringFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2002SuzukiXL-7PlusFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2002 - 2006SuzukiXL-7BaseFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2002 - 2003SuzukiXL-7LimitedFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2002 - 2003SuzukiXL-7TouringFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2003SuzukiGrand VitaraBaseFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2004 - 2005SuzukiGrand VitaraEXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2004 - 2005SuzukiGrand VitaraLXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2004 - 2005SuzukiXL-7EXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2004 - 2005SuzukiXL-7LXFrontINTERCHANGE K750201
2006SuzukiXL-7PremiumFrontINTERCHANGE K750201


Detroit Axle offers an extensive coverage of suspension ride control products for a large range of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Detroit Axle products deliver the look, feel, fit and performance of OE.