Upper Control Arm w/Ball Joint – RWD – Front, Passenger Side

Part #K620260


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Weight 54.25 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 1.95 × 3.85 in

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For - 1983-05 Chevy Blazer 2WD - [1982-03 Chevy S10 Pickup] - 1983-01 GMC Jimmy 2WD - [1982-90 GMC S-15 2WD] - 1991-03 GMC S-15 Sonoma 2WD - [1998-00 Isuzu Hombre 2WD] - 1996-97 Isuzu Hombre
For - 1978-81 Buick Century - [1984-87 Buick Grand National] - 1978-87 Buick Regal - [1978-87 Chevy El Camino] - 1978-83 Chevy Malibu - [1978-88 Chevy Monte Carlo] - 1978-87 GMC Caballero - [1978-81 Olds Cutlass] - 1982-87 Olds Cutlass - [1978-88 Olds Cutlass Supreme RWD] - 1982-86 Pontiac Bonneville - [1978-87 Pontiac Grand Prix] - 1978-81 Pontiac LeMans
Detroit Axle Suspension Control Arms are ready to meet the rigorous demands of today's foreign and domestic passenger cars, trucks and SUVs
Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionDrive Type
+ Buick
+ Century
1978-1979BuickCenturyCustomFront Right Upper-
1978-1981BuickCenturyLimitedFront Right Upper-
1978-1979BuickCenturySpecialFront Right Upper-
1978-1981BuickCenturySportFront Right Upper-
1980-1981BuickCenturyBaseFront Right Upper-
1980-1981BuickCenturyEstateFront Right Upper-
+ Regal
1978-1987BuickRegalBaseFront Right Upper-
1978-1987BuickRegalLimitedFront Right Upper-
1978-1982BuickRegalSportFront Right Upper-
1982-1983BuickRegalEstate WagonFront Right Upper-
1982BuickRegalLimited TurboFront Right Upper-
1983-1986BuickRegalT-TypeFront Right Upper-
1984-1987BuickRegalGrand NationalFront Right Upper-
1987BuickRegalGNXFront Right Upper-
+ Chevrolet
+ Blazer
1994ChevroletBlazerNevadaFront Right UpperRWD
1995-19992005ChevroletBlazerBaseFront Right UpperRWD
1995-1997ChevroletBlazerDeluxeFront Right UpperRWD
1995-2002ChevroletBlazerLTFront Right UpperRWD
1996-2004ChevroletBlazerLSFront Right UpperRWD
2001-2005ChevroletBlazerXtremeFront Right UpperRWD
2004-2005ChevroletBlazerZR2Front Right UpperRWD
+ El Camino
1978-1987ChevroletEl CaminoBaseFront Right Upper-
19781981-1986ChevroletEl CaminoConquistaFront Right Upper-
1978-1987ChevroletEl CaminoSSFront Right Upper-
1979-1981ChevroletEl CaminoRoyal KnightFront Right Upper-
+ Malibu
1978-1981ChevroletMalibuBaseFront Right Upper-
1978-1983ChevroletMalibuClassicFront Right Upper-
1978-1980ChevroletMalibuClassic EstateFront Right Upper-
1978-1981ChevroletMalibuClassic LandauFront Right Upper-
1979-1980ChevroletMalibuClassic SportFront Right Upper-
1979-1980ChevroletMalibuEstateFront Right Upper-
1979ChevroletMalibuLandauFront Right Upper-
1979ChevroletMalibuPoliceFront Right Upper-
1979-1980ChevroletMalibuSportFront Right Upper-
+ Monte Carlo
1978-1981ChevroletMonte CarloLandauFront Right Upper-
19781980ChevroletMonte CarloSportFront Right Upper-
19791981-1988ChevroletMonte CarloBaseFront Right Upper-
1983ChevroletMonte CarloCLFront Right Upper-
1983-1988ChevroletMonte CarloSSFront Right Upper-
1986-1988ChevroletMonte CarloLSFront Right Upper-
+ S10
1982-2003ChevroletS10BaseFront Right UpperRWD
1982-1990ChevroletS10DurangoFront Right UpperRWD
1982-1989ChevroletS10SportFront Right UpperRWD
1982-1992ChevroletS10TahoeFront Right UpperRWD
1991-1993ChevroletS10MaxiFront Right UpperRWD
1992-1993ChevroletS10ELFront Right UpperRWD
1994-2003ChevroletS10LSFront Right UpperRWD
1994-1998ChevroletS10SSFront Right UpperRWD
1999-2003ChevroletS10XtremeFront Right UpperRWD
+ S10 Blazer
1983-1994ChevroletS10 BlazerBaseFront Right UpperRWD
1983-19901992ChevroletS10 BlazerSportFront Right UpperRWD
1983-19881990-1994ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoeFront Right UpperRWD
1991-1994ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe LTFront Right UpperRWD
1994ChevroletS10 BlazerLTFront Right UpperRWD
+ Caballero
1978-1987GMCCaballeroBaseFront Right Upper-
1978-1987GMCCaballeroDiabloFront Right Upper-
1978-1980GMCCaballeroLaredoFront Right Upper-
1981-1986GMCCaballeroAmarilloFront Right Upper-
1981GMCCaballeroConquistaFront Right Upper-
1981GMCCaballeroRoyal KnightFront Right Upper-
+ Jimmy
1992-1996GMCJimmyBaseFront Right UpperRWD
1992-2001GMCJimmySLEFront Right UpperRWD
1992-2001GMCJimmySLTFront Right UpperRWD
1993-2001GMCJimmySLSFront Right UpperRWD
1995-19992001GMCJimmySLFront Right UpperRWD
1998-1999GMCJimmyEnvoyFront Right UpperRWD
2000-2001GMCJimmyDiamond EditionFront Right UpperRWD
+ S15
1982-1990GMCS15BaseFront Right UpperRWD
1982-1990GMCS15High SierraFront Right UpperRWD
1982-1990GMCS15Sierra ClassicFront Right UpperRWD
1982GMCS15Sierra GrandeFront Right UpperRWD
19831986-1988GMCS15GypsyFront Right UpperRWD
1987GMCS15ELFront Right UpperRWD
+ S15 Jimmy
1983-1991GMCS15 JimmyBaseFront Right UpperRWD
1983-1990GMCS15 JimmyGypsyFront Right UpperRWD
1983-1990GMCS15 JimmySierra ClassicFront Right UpperRWD
1988-1989GMCS15 JimmyTimberlineFront Right UpperRWD
1991GMCS15 JimmySLEFront Right UpperRWD
1991GMCS15 JimmySLSFront Right UpperRWD
1991GMCS15 JimmySLTFront Right UpperRWD
+ Sonoma
1991-1993GMCSonomaBaseFront Right UpperRWD
1991-2001GMCSonomaSLEFront Right UpperRWD
1992GMCSonomaGTFront Right UpperRWD
1993-2003GMCSonomaSLSFront Right UpperRWD
1994-2003GMCSonomaSLFront Right UpperRWD
+ Isuzu
+ Hombre
1996-2000IsuzuHombreSFront Right UpperRWD
1996-2000IsuzuHombreXSFront Right UpperRWD
+ Oldsmobile
+ Cutlass
1978-1979OldsmobileCutlassVista CruiserFront Right Upper-
1979OldsmobileCutlassVista Cruiser BroughamFront Right Upper-
19801987OldsmobileCutlassBaseFront Right Upper-
1980-1981OldsmobileCutlassBroughamFront Right Upper-
1980-1981OldsmobileCutlassLSFront Right Upper-
1981OldsmobileCutlassSupremeFront Right Upper-
1985-1987OldsmobileCutlassSalonFront Right Upper-
1987OldsmobileCutlassEurosportFront Right Upper-
1987OldsmobileCutlassLujoFront Right Upper-
+ Cutlass Supreme
1978-1987OldsmobileCutlass SupremeBaseFront Right UpperRWD
1978-1987OldsmobileCutlass SupremeBroughamFront Right UpperRWD
19811985OldsmobileCutlass SupremeLSFront Right UpperRWD
1987OldsmobileCutlass Supreme442Front Right UpperRWD
1988OldsmobileCutlass SupremeClassicFront Right UpperRWD
1988OldsmobileCutlass SupremeClassic BroughamFront Right UpperRWD
+ Pontiac
+ Bonneville
1982-1986PontiacBonnevilleBaseFront Right Upper-
1982-1986PontiacBonnevilleBroughamFront Right Upper-
1984-1986PontiacBonnevilleLEFront Right Upper-
+ Grand Prix
1978-1987PontiacGrand PrixBaseFront Right Upper-
1978-1983PontiacGrand PrixLJFront Right Upper-
1978-1980PontiacGrand PrixSJFront Right Upper-
1981-1987PontiacGrand PrixBroughamFront Right Upper-
1984-1987PontiacGrand PrixLEFront Right Upper-
+ LeMans
1978-1981PontiacLeMansBaseFront Right Upper-
1978-1981PontiacLeMansSafariFront Right Upper-


Top quality materials are used to create Detroit Axle brand control arm and ball joint assemblies. They are built to exact OEM specifications and quality, this item is backed by our 10-Year Warranty. Detroit Axle offers an extensive coverage of suspension ride control products for a large range of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Detroit Axle products deliver the look, feel, fit and performance of OE.


      • Includes new ball joints and bushings
      • Brand New Condition
      • Treated with an anti-corrosion coating for extended control arm life
      • OEM Design Direct Fit

This item is backed by a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under its intended use. If this item fails due to manufacturing defects for intended use, we will replace the part (excluding shipping charges) for the original purchase.