New 4pc Lower Ball Joint Outer Tie Rod Kit for Neon, PT Cruiser

Part #80083-4


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3 in

Additional Details

2 Lower Ball Joints
2 Outer Tie Rod Ends
Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality Aftermarket
Manufactured in ISO9002 Certified facility


+ Chrysler
+ Neon
2000-2002ChryslerNeonBaseFront Lower
+ PT Cruiser
2001-2005ChryslerPT CruiserBaseFront Lower
2001ChryslerPT CruiserClassicFront Lower
2001-2005ChryslerPT CruiserLimitedFront Lower
2001-2005ChryslerPT CruiserTouringFront Lower
2002ChryslerPT CruiserDreamFront Lower
2003ChryslerPT CruiserDream EditionFront Lower
2003-2005ChryslerPT CruiserGTFront Lower
2004ChryslerPT CruiserTouring EditionFront Lower
2004ChryslerPT CruiserTurboFront Lower
2005ChryslerPT CruiserDream CruiserFront Lower
2005ChryslerPT CruiserStreet CruiserFront Lower
+ Dodge
+ Neon
2000-2002DodgeNeonESFront Lower
2000DodgeNeonHigh LineFront Lower
2000-2002DodgeNeonLEFront Lower
2000-2002DodgeNeonLXFront Lower
2000-2002DodgeNeonSEFront Lower
2001-2002DodgeNeonACRFront Lower
2001-2002DodgeNeonBaseFront Lower
2001-2002DodgeNeonR/TFront Lower
+ SX 2.0
2003-2005DodgeSX 2.0BaseFront Lower
+ Plymouth
+ Neon
2000-2001PlymouthNeonHigh LineFront Lower
2000-2001PlymouthNeonLXFront Lower


Detroit Axle offers an extensive coverage of suspension ride control products for a large range of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Detroit Axle products deliver the look, feel, fit and performance of OE.