Front Passenger Side Inner Tie Rod End

Part #ES3372


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3 in

Additional Details

High quality bearing design provides smooth steering and maintains endplay
Reliable replacement option to restore original equipment steering
Undergo impact, wear, and fatigue testing to help ensure quality and durability
Leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality


+ Buick
+ Skyhawk
1982-1989BuickSkyhawkCustomRear Inner
1982-1987BuickSkyhawkLimitedRear Inner
1983-1987BuickSkyhawkT-TypeRear Inner
1986-1987BuickSkyhawkSportRear Inner
1988-1989BuickSkyhawkSERear Inner
+ Skylark
1986-1998BuickSkylarkCustomRear Inner
1986-19891993-1997BuickSkylarkLimitedRear Inner
1990-1991BuickSkylarkBaseRear Inner
1990-1997BuickSkylarkGran SportRear Inner
1990-1991BuickSkylarkLuxury EditionRear Inner
1996BuickSkylarkOlympic Gold EditionRear Inner
+ Somerset
1986-1987BuickSomersetCustomRear Inner
1986-1987BuickSomersetLimitedRear Inner
1986BuickSomersetT-TypeRear Inner
+ Somerset Regal
1985BuickSomerset RegalBaseRear Inner
1985BuickSomerset RegalLimitedRear Inner
+ Cadillac
+ Cimarron
1982-1988CadillacCimarronBaseRear Inner
1984-1986CadillacCimarrond'OroRear Inner
+ Chevrolet
+ Beretta
1987-1996ChevroletBerettaBaseRear Inner
1989-1993ChevroletBerettaGTRear Inner
1990-1993ChevroletBerettaGTZRear Inner
1990ChevroletBerettaIndianapolis 500 Pace CarRear Inner
1994-1996ChevroletBerettaZ26Rear Inner
+ Cavalier
1982-1990ChevroletCavalierBaseRear Inner
1982-1986ChevroletCavalierCLRear Inner
1982ChevroletCavalierCadetRear Inner
1983-1987ChevroletCavalierCSRear Inner
1984ChevroletCavalierOlympicRear Inner
1984-1985ChevroletCavalierType-10Rear Inner
1986-1994ChevroletCavalierRSRear Inner
1986-1994ChevroletCavalierZ24Rear Inner
1988-1994ChevroletCavalierVLRear Inner
+ Corsica
1987-19891994-1996ChevroletCorsicaBaseRear Inner
1987-19881990-1993ChevroletCorsicaLTRear Inner
1989-19901992ChevroletCorsicaLTZRear Inner
+ Oldsmobile
+ Achieva
1992-19961998OldsmobileAchievaSRear Inner
199219941996-1997OldsmobileAchievaSCRear Inner
1992-1993OldsmobileAchievaSCXRear Inner
1992-1997OldsmobileAchievaSLRear Inner
+ Calais
1985OldsmobileCalais500Rear Inner
1985-1987OldsmobileCalaisBaseRear Inner
1985-1987OldsmobileCalaisSupremeRear Inner
1986OldsmobileCalaisESRear Inner
1986-1987OldsmobileCalaisGTRear Inner
+ Cutlass Calais
1988-1991OldsmobileCutlass CalaisBaseRear Inner
1988-1991OldsmobileCutlass CalaisGTRear Inner
1988-1991OldsmobileCutlass CalaisInternationalRear Inner
1988-1991OldsmobileCutlass CalaisSLRear Inner
1989-1991OldsmobileCutlass CalaisSRear Inner
+ Firenza
1982-19831986-1987OldsmobileFirenzaLXRear Inner
1982-19841986-1987OldsmobileFirenzaSRear Inner
1982-1983OldsmobileFirenzaSXRear Inner
1983-1986OldsmobileFirenzaCruiser LXRear Inner
1983OldsmobileFirenzaCruiser SRear Inner
1983-1985OldsmobileFirenzaCruiser SXRear Inner
1984-1988OldsmobileFirenzaBaseRear Inner
1984-1985OldsmobileFirenzaBrougham LXRear Inner
1984-1985OldsmobileFirenzaBrougham SXRear Inner
19841986-1988OldsmobileFirenzaCruiserRear Inner
1984-1985OldsmobileFirenzaESRear Inner
1984-1987OldsmobileFirenzaGTRear Inner
1986-1987OldsmobileFirenzaLCRear Inner
+ Pontiac
+ Grand Am
1985-1988PontiacGrand AmBaseRear Inner
1985-1991PontiacGrand AmLERear Inner
1986-1998PontiacGrand AmSERear Inner
1991PontiacGrand AmValue LeaderRear Inner
1992-1998PontiacGrand AmGTRear Inner
+ J2000
1982-1983PontiacJ2000BaseRear Inner
1982-1983PontiacJ2000LERear Inner
1982-1983PontiacJ2000SERear Inner
+ J2000 Sunbird
1984-1985PontiacJ2000 SunbirdBaseRear Inner
1984-1985PontiacJ2000 SunbirdLERear Inner
1984-1985PontiacJ2000 SunbirdSERear Inner
+ Sunbird
1986-1988PontiacSunbirdBaseRear Inner
1986-1994PontiacSunbirdGTRear Inner
1986-1994PontiacSunbirdSERear Inner
1989-19911994PontiacSunbirdLERear Inner
1991PontiacSunbirdValue LeaderRear Inner
1992-1993PontiacSunbirdLE Value LeaderRear Inner


Top quality materials are used to create Detroit Axle brand steering tie rod end links. They are built to exact OEM specifications and quality; this item is backed by our 10-Year Warranty. Detroit Axle offers an extensive coverage of suspension ride control products for a large range of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Detroit Axle products deliver the look, feel, fit and performance of OE.


  • When you replace steering components, it is recommended you have a steering alignment performed on vehicle
  • Calibrated to OEM Specifications
  • Tested for impact, wear and fatigue to ensure quality and durability
  • Built under strict quality control standards

This item is backed by a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under its intended use. If this item fails due to manufacturing defects for intended use, we will replace the part (excluding shipping charges) for the original purchase.