Azure/Brooklands/Continental/Turbo R/Arnage Power Steering Rack Pinion

Part #568

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  • Rack and Pinion Assembly


1998-2009 Bentley – POW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 in

Additional Details

POW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
To Activate your Lifetime Warranty; you must send in your core unit. Call us when you order to get a return shipping label for your old unit.
New Oil and Lip Seals installed to ensure quality performance, Hydraulically Pressure Tested to Ensure Internal By-Pass for Both High & Low Pressure
Remanufactured in Detroit, MI, USA


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionApp Notes
+ Bentley
+ Arnage
1999BentleyArnageBaseFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2000-2001BentleyArnageGreen LabelFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2000-2002BentleyArnageRed LabelFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2001-2009BentleyArnageRLFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2002-2009BentleyArnageRFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2002-2009BentleyArnageTFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
+ Azure
1998-20032006-2009BentleyAzureBaseFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
1999-2002BentleyAzureMullinerFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2009BentleyAzureTFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
+ Brooklands
19982008-2009BentleyBrooklandsBaseFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
1998BentleyBrooklandsLWBFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
+ Continental
1998-2003BentleyContinentalRFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
1998-2003BentleyContinentalTFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
1999-2000BentleyContinentalSCFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2003-2009BentleyContinentalGTFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2006-2009BentleyContinentalFlying SpurFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2007-2009BentleyContinentalGTCFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2008-2009BentleyContinentalGT SpeedFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
2009BentleyContinentalFlying Spur SpeedFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor
+ Turbo R
1998BentleyTurbo RLWBFrontPOW-A-RAK Housing; w/ Sensor


All of our Rack and Pinions are air leak tested to assure reliable performance, hydraulically tested for bypass/hi-pressure, road simulation tested, and have tie rod load checked. 100% new o-rings and lip seals to ensures no leaking and quality performance. All new Teflon rings are added to the spool valve on the rack donut, restoring internal sealing of the rack and pinion. Racks are surfaced to OE specifications, the proper surface finish will prevent leaking between chambers and extend unit life.

  • New Oil and Lip Seals installed to ensure quality performance
  • New Teflon rings installed on spoon valves to restore internal sealing of rack and pinion.
  • Racks are finished with proper surface to prevent leaking and to prolong life.
  • New Inner tie rods installed
  • Hydraulically Tested to Ensure Internal By-Pass for Both High and Low Pressures

Lifetime Warranty

To Activate your Lifetime Warranty; you must send in your core unit.