Power Steering Gearbox Assembly – Remanufactured

Part #1331GB


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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 in

Additional Details

New Oil and Lip Seals installed to ensure quality performance
Hydraulically Pressure Tested to Ensure Internal By-Pass for Both High & Low Pressure
To Activate your Lifetime Warranty; you must send in your core unit. Call us when you order to get a return shipping label for your old unit.


YearMakeModelApp NotesSubmodelDrive Type
+ Chevrolet
+ Astro
+ Express 1500
1996-2002ChevroletExpress 1500---
+ Express 2500
1996-2002ChevroletExpress 25007,300 GVW--
+ G30
2001-2002ChevroletG30Power Gear--
2001-2002ChevroletG30Power GearBase-
+ Dodge
+ B150
1994DodgeB150Power Gear--
1994DodgeB150Power GearBase-
+ B1500
1995-1998DodgeB1500Power Gear--
1995-1998DodgeB1500Power GearBase-
+ B250
1994DodgeB250Power Gear--
1994DodgeB250Power GearBase-
+ B2500
1995-1998DodgeB2500Power Gear--
1995-1998DodgeB2500Power GearBase-
1997DodgeB2500Power GearSE-
1997-1998DodgeB2500Power GearSLT-
+ B350
1994DodgeB350Power Gear--
1994DodgeB350Power GearBase-
+ Ram 1500 Van
1999-2003DodgeRam 1500 VanPower GearBase-
1999-2003DodgeRam 1500 VanPower GearSE-
1999-2002DodgeRam 1500 VanPower GearSLT-
+ Ram 2500 Van
1999-2003DodgeRam 2500 VanPower Gear--
1999-2003DodgeRam 2500 VanPower GearBase-
1999-2002DodgeRam 2500 VanPower GearSE-
1999DodgeRam 2500 VanPower GearSLT-
+ Ram 3500 Van
1999-2003DodgeRam 3500 VanPower Gear--
1999-2003DodgeRam 3500 VanPower GearBase-
1999-2002DodgeRam 3500 VanPower GearSE-
1999-2002DodgeRam 3500 VanPower GearSLT-
+ Safari
+ Savana 1500
1996-2002GMCSavana 1500---
+ Savana 2500
1996GMCSavana 2500---
1997-2002GMCSavana 2500Power Gear--
1997-2002GMCSavana 2500Power GearBase-
1997-2000GMCSavana 2500Power GearSLE-
2001-2002GMCSavana 2500Power GearSLT-
+ Savana 3500
1997-2002GMCSavana 3500Power Gear--
1997-2002GMCSavana 3500Power GearBase-
1997-2000GMCSavana 3500Power GearSLE-
2001-2002GMCSavana 3500Power GearSLT-


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