Rear Axle Shaft – Driver or Passenger Side – 5 Lug

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 15 in

Additional Details

Remanufactured in Detroit, MI, USA
Wheel Lug Count: 5; Spline: 31
Cover Bolts: 10
Ring Gear: 9
Length: 31 27/32


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionApp Notes
+ Ford
+ Bronco
1980-1981FordBroncoRanger XLTRear-
1982-1983FordBroncoXLT LariatRear-
1985-1986FordBroncoEddie BauerRear-
+ F-100
1980-1982FordF-100CustomRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1980-1981FordF-100RangerRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1980-1981FordF-100Ranger LariatRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1980-1981FordF-100Ranger XLTRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1982-1983FordF-100XLRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1982-1983FordF-100XLSRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1982-1983FordF-100XLT LariatRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1983FordF-100BaseRear1/2 Ton Models Only
+ F-150
1980-1986FordF-150CustomRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1980-19811984-1986FordF-150RangerRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1980-1981FordF-150Ranger LariatRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1980-1981FordF-150Ranger XLTRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1982-1986FordF-150XLRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1982-1983FordF-150XLSRear1/2 Ton Models Only
19821985-1986FordF-150XLT LariatRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1983-1986FordF-150BaseRear1/2 Ton Models Only
1983-1984FordF-150XLTRear1/2 Ton Models Only


All rear axles are Remanufactured and built to exceed OEM specifications. Built from high quality alloys for proper fit and function.