Front Wheel Hub and Bearing LEFT OR RIGHT Side fits 2WD Only 4 WHEEL ABS

Part #515033


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 10 in

Additional Details

2WD Only
Check Compatibility Chart For Fitment
Manufactured in ISO9002 Certified facility
Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality Aftermarket 


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionFront Brake TypeRear Brake TypeBrake AbsDrive TypeApp Notes
1997 - 2003DodgeDakotaBaseFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
1997 - 2003DodgeDakotaSLTFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
1997 - 2003DodgeDakotaSportFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
1998 - 2003DodgeDakotaR/TFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
1999 - 2001DodgeDurangoBaseFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
1999 - 2002DodgeDurangoSLTFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
1999 - 2002DodgeDurangoSLT PlusFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2000 - 2002DodgeDurangoR/TFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABS-6 Bolt
2000 - 2002DodgeDurangoSportFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2002DodgeDakotaSXTFrontDiscDrum4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003DodgeDakotaR/TFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003DodgeDurangoR/TFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABS-6 Bolt
2003DodgeDurangoSLTFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003DodgeDurangoSLT PlusFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003DodgeDurangoSXTFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003DodgeDurangoSportFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003 - 2004DodgeDakotaBaseFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003 - 2004DodgeDakotaSLTFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2003 - 2004DodgeDakotaSportFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2004DodgeDakotaSLT PlusFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2004DodgeDakotaSXTFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt
2004DodgeDakotaSport PlusFrontDiscDisc4-Wheel ABSRWD6 Bolt


Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers worldwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle’s OE-quality Aftermarket