Rear CV Axle Shaft – AWD, Driver or Passenger Side

Part #1021_AX


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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 in

Additional Details

No Abs on Axle ; AWD Models ONLY
Remanufactured in Detroit, MI, USA!
Excellent tolerance to resist high and low temperatures
Lifetime Warranty on Internal Components
Guaranteed Exact Fit for easy installation


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionDrive Type
+ Buick
+ Rendezvous
2002-2006BuickRendezvousCXRear LeftAWD
2002-2006BuickRendezvousCXRear RightAWD
2002-20032005BuickRendezvousCX PlusRear LeftAWD
2002-20032005BuickRendezvousCX PlusRear RightAWD
2002-2006BuickRendezvousCXLRear LeftAWD
2002-2006BuickRendezvousCXLRear RightAWD
2002-20032005BuickRendezvousCXL PlusRear LeftAWD
2002-20032005BuickRendezvousCXL PlusRear RightAWD
2004BuickRendezvousUltraRear Left-
2004BuickRendezvousUltraRear Right-
2005BuickRendezvousUltraRear LeftAWD
2005BuickRendezvousUltraRear RightAWD
+ Terraza
2005BuickTerrazaCXRear LeftAWD
2005BuickTerrazaCXRear RightAWD
2005BuickTerrazaCXLRear LeftAWD
2005BuickTerrazaCXLRear RightAWD
+ Chevrolet
+ Uplander
2005-2006ChevroletUplanderLTRear LeftAWD
2005-2006ChevroletUplanderLTRear RightAWD
+ Venture
2002-2004ChevroletVentureLSRear LeftAWD
2002-2004ChevroletVentureLSRear RightAWD
2002-2004ChevroletVentureLTRear LeftAWD
2002-2004ChevroletVentureLTRear RightAWD
2002-2003ChevroletVentureWarner Bros.Rear LeftAWD
2002-2003ChevroletVentureWarner Bros.Rear RightAWD
+ Oldsmobile
+ Silhouette
2002-2004OldsmobileSilhouetteGLSRear LeftAWD
2002-2004OldsmobileSilhouetteGLSRear RightAWD
2002-2004OldsmobileSilhouettePremiereRear LeftAWD
2002-2004OldsmobileSilhouettePremiereRear RightAWD
+ Pontiac
+ Aztek
2002-2005PontiacAztekBaseRear LeftAWD
2002-2005PontiacAztekBaseRear RightAWD
2004-2005PontiacAztekRallyRear LeftAWD
2004-2005PontiacAztekRallyRear RightAWD
+ Montana
2002-2004PontiacMontanaBaseRear LeftAWD
2002-2004PontiacMontanaBaseRear RightAWD
2005-2006PontiacMontanaSV6Rear LeftAWD
2005-2006PontiacMontanaSV6Rear RightAWD
+ Saturn
+ Relay
2005-2006SaturnRelay3Rear LeftAWD
2005-2006SaturnRelay3Rear RightAWD


All CV Drive Axles Feature:

  • 100% Neoprene Boots for excellent Ozone resistance – Eliminates cracking; a leading cause for failure of CV boots.
  • Splines chased 100% – Guarantees proper installation of axle into mating hub and transmission eliminating installation hassle.
  • Threads chased 100% – Guarantees proper installation of axle nut eliminating installation hassle.
  • 3% Moly Grease – Provides excellent high temperature and extreme pressure characteristics which extends the life of the joint.

Lifetime Warranty:

  • This item is backed by a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under its intended use. If this item fails due to manufacturing defects for intended use, we will replace the part (excluding shipping charges) for the original purchase