Front Driver or Passenger Side CV Axle Shaft

Part #106A_AX


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 10 x 10 in

Additional Details

2000 Models Manufactured Before 9/12/00
Remanufactured in Detroit, MI, USA!
Excellent tolerance to resist high and low temperatures
Lifetime Warranty on Internal Components
Guaranteed Exact Fit for easy installation


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionApp Notes
2000DodgeDakotaBaseFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaBaseFront RightBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaR/TFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaR/TFront RightBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaSLTFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaSLTFront RightBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaSportFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDakotaSportFront RightBefore 9/12/00
2000DodgeDurangoBaseFront Left-
2000DodgeDurangoBaseFront Right-
2000DodgeDurangoR/TFront Left-
2000DodgeDurangoR/TFront Right-
2000DodgeDurangoSLTFront Left-
2000DodgeDurangoSLTFront Right-
2000DodgeDurangoSLT PlusFront Left-
2000DodgeDurangoSLT PlusFront Right-
2000DodgeDurangoSportFront Left-
2000DodgeDurangoSportFront Right-
2001DodgeDurangoBaseFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2001DodgeDurangoBaseFront RightBefore 9/12/00
2001DodgeDurangoR/TFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2001DodgeDurangoR/TFront RightBefore 9/12/00
2001DodgeDurangoSLTFront LeftBefore 9/12/00
2001DodgeDurangoSLTFront RightBefore 9/12/00


ALL CV AXLES COME WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY All CV Drive Axles Feature: – 100% Neoprene Boots for excellent Ozone resistance – Eliminates cracking; a leading cause for failure of CV boots. – 3% Moly Grease – Provides excellent high temperature and extreme pressure characteristics which extends the life of the joint. – Splines chased 100% – Guarantees proper installation of axle into mating hub and transmission eliminating installation hassle. – Threads chased 100% – Guarantees proper installation of axle nut eliminating installation hassle.