Front Driver or Passenger Side Complete Strut & Spring Assembly – VW Golf, Jetta & Beetle

Part #171525


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 8 x 8 in

Additional Details

Golf-Beetle Excludes Diesel Models
Detroit Axle Strut Assemblies are complete and ready for installation with no additional work or special tool required for installation
Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality Aftermarket 
Complete Strut Assembly - equipped with Strut, Coil, Spring & Mounts - Ready to Install


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionApp NotesBody Type
1998 - 2010VolkswagenBeetleBaseFront--
1998 - 2006VolkswagenBeetleTDIFront--
1999VolkswagenGolfGTIFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
1999VolkswagenGolfTDIFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
1999VolkswagenGolfWolfsburg EditionFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
1999VolkswagenJettaGLFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
1999VolkswagenJettaGLSFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
1999VolkswagenJettaGLXFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
1999 - 2005VolkswagenBeetleGLFront--
1999 - 2005VolkswagenBeetleGLSFront--
1999 - 2004VolkswagenBeetleGLXFront--
1999 - 2006VolkswagenGolfGLFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
1999 - 2006VolkswagenGolfGLSFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
1999 - 2007VolkswagenJettaTDIFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
1999 - 2007VolkswagenJettaWolfsburg EditionFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
2000 - 2005VolkswagenGolfGLFront--
2000 - 2005VolkswagenGolfGLSFront--
2000 - 2001VolkswagenGolfGTI GLSFront--
2000 - 2001VolkswagenGolfGTI GLXFront--
2000 - 2004VolkswagenJettaGLFront--
2000 - 2004VolkswagenJettaGLSFront--
2000 - 2003VolkswagenJettaGLXFront--
2000 - 2004VolkswagenJettaTDIFront--
2001 - 2002VolkswagenBeetleSportFront--
2001 - 2003VolkswagenJettaWolfsburg EditionFront--
2002VolkswagenGolfGTI 337Front--
2002 - 2004VolkswagenBeetleTurbo SFront--
2002 - 2005VolkswagenGolfGTI 1.8TFront--
2002 - 2005VolkswagenGolfGTI VR6Front--
2002 - 2004VolkswagenJettaGLIFront--
2003VolkswagenGolfGTI 20th AnniversaryFront--
2004VolkswagenGolfGL TDIFront--
2004VolkswagenGolfGLS TDIFront--
2005VolkswagenBeetleGLS TDIFront--
2005VolkswagenJetta2.5Front(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2005VolkswagenJettaGLFront(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2005VolkswagenJettaGL TDIFront(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2005VolkswagenJettaGLIFront(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2005VolkswagenJettaGLSFront(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2005VolkswagenJettaGLS TDIFront(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2005VolkswagenJettaTDIFront(8th Vin Digit J or M)-
2006VolkswagenGolfGLS TDIFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
2006VolkswagenGolfGTI 1.8TFront(8th Vin Digit J)-
2006 - 2007VolkswagenBeetle2.5Front--
2007VolkswagenJettaEuropaFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
2007VolkswagenJettaTrendlineFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
2007VolkswagenJetta2.0TFront(8th Vin Digit M)-
2007VolkswagenJetta2.5Front(8th Vin Digit M)-
2007VolkswagenJettaGLIFront(8th Vin Digit M)-


Detroit Axle is a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers worldwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle’s OE-quality Aftermarket