Rear Disc Brake Rotors – 274mm Size w/ Solid rear Rotors, See Fitment – Drilled and Slotted

Part #S-31403x2



  • Position:Rear
  • Vented or Solid: Solid
  • 5 Lug
  • Rotor Size: 274mm
  • Coated and Polished; Coated in Zinc DiChromate for Rust Prevention


  • 2005-2009 Subaru Outback
  • 2005 Subaru Legacy I-LIMITED
  • 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5I
  • 2007 Subaru Legacy 2.5I-2.5I LIMITED
  • 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5I-2.5I LIMITED-2.5I SPECIAL EDITION-2.5I TOURING
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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 18 in

Additional Details

For - 2006-09 Subaru Legacy excluding Turbo Models excluding GT Models - [2005 Subaru Legacy excluding Turbo Models] - 2005-09 Subaru Outback
Check Compatibility Chart For Fitment
Built to strict quality control standards
Drilled & Slotted Disc Brake Rotors (Up to 20% Better Braking Power than Standard Rotors ) - Zinc Dichromate Plating (Rust Protection)


YearMakeModelSubmodelPositionLiterAspirationBody TypeDrive Type
+ Subaru
+ Legacy
2005SubaruLegacyGT LimitedRear2.5TurbochargedSedanAWD
2005SubaruLegacyGT LimitedRear2.5TurbochargedWagonAWD
20052008SubaruLegacyLimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2005SubaruLegacyLimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2005SubaruLegacyiRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2005SubaruLegacyiRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2006-2009SubaruLegacy2.5iRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
20062008SubaruLegacy2.5iRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2006-2009SubaruLegacy2.5i LimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2007SubaruLegacy2.5i LimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2007-2009SubaruLegacy2.5i Special EditionRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2007SubaruLegacy2.5i Special EditionRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2008-2009SubaruLegacy3.0 R LimitedRear3.0Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2008SubaruLegacyTouringRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2008SubaruLegacyTouringRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2009SubaruLegacy2.0RRear2.0Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2009SubaruLegacy2.5i TouringRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2009SubaruLegacy3.0 RRear3.0Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2009SubaruLegacy3.0 R PremierRear3.0Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2009SubaruLegacyBaseRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
+ Outback
20052008SubaruOutbackLimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2005SubaruOutbackRRear3.0Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2005-2008SubaruOutbackR L.L. Bean EditionRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2005SubaruOutbackVDC LimitedRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
20052007-2009SubaruOutbackXT LimitedRear2.5TurbochargedWagonAWD
2005SubaruOutbackiRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2006-2009SubaruOutback2.5iRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
20062008-2009SubaruOutback2.5i LimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2006SubaruOutbackRRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2006-2007SubaruOutbackR L.L. Bean EditionRear3.0Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2006SubaruOutbackR VDC LimitedRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2007SubaruOutback2.5i BasicRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2007SubaruOutback2.5i LimitedRear2.5Naturally AspiratedSedanAWD
2008SubaruOutback2.5 XTRear2.5TurbochargedWagonAWD
2008SubaruOutback2.5i L.L. Bean EditionRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2008SubaruOutback2.5i Limited L.L. Bean EditionRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2008SubaruOutback3.0 RRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2008SubaruOutbackBaseRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2008SubaruOutbackPremierRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2008SubaruOutbackTouringRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2009SubaruOutback2.5i Special EditionRear2.5Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2009SubaruOutback3.0 R LimitedRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD
2009SubaruOutback3.0 R PremierRear3.0Naturally AspiratedWagonAWD


Top quality materials are used to create PERFORMANCE GRADE Detroit Axle DRILLED AND SLOTTED ROTORS. They are built to exact OEM specifications and quality; this item is backed by our 10-Year Warranty. Detroit Axle offers an extensive coverage of suspension ride control products for a large range of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Detroit Axle products deliver the look, feel, fit and performance of OE.


  • Comes as a Pair: Left and Right Side
  • Coated in Zinc DiChromate for Rust Prevention
  • Drilled and Slotted Rotors help improve ventilation and cooling of the rotor during braking. This cuts down brake dust and brake fad, which improves stopping power
  • Cast from OE Grade Alloy
  • Machined to exact OE specs and balanced to reduce vibration
  • Brake rotors are built to exceed OEM Specification and have the proper fit and finish required for superior stopping power
  • Check Compatibility Chart For Fitment

This item is backed by a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under its intended use. If this item fails due to manufacturing defects for intended use, we will replace the part (excluding shipping charges) for the original purchase.